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Pull with your profile

  • March 24, 2010
  • Pull with your profile

    Pull with your profile

    Here at hookupdatefree, we’ve come up with 10 tips to help you create the perfect profile.

    By using these tips you’ll let your profile do the talking and can sit back and wait for your admirers to come to you.

    1. Be honest – There’s no point putting up a fake model photo or life story claiming to be rich and famous; prospective partners will find out eventually.

    2. Add a photograph – So many members will not even bother looking at profile that hasn’t got a photo. Try to add a photo where you are the only one in the shot. Why not add a few more to show off your personality, but resist adding too many.

    3. Be informative - Think of your profile as the ‘first impression’. Members decide very quickly whether or not they are like your profile, so make sure you fill in all of the sections about you, to give them something to be interested in.

    4. Be positive – A profile isn’t the place to share your deepest, darkest thoughts. Keep it light and cheery to see the best results.

    5. Try to be different – We know writing about yourself can be hard, but try to be a bit adventurous. Your future match may trawl through thousands of profiles and they are more likely to be interested in someone that stands out from the crowd.

    6. Find out your best qualities – Ask friends or family to tell you what your best qualities are, so you can include them on your profile. If you’re funny then use it your advantage and include some cheeky humour to reel in prospective partners.

    7. Don’t be too specific when discussing what you’re looking for – You may have had some bad experiences in past relationships but try not to let that affect your future choices. Limiting your options too much could mean you miss out on meeting you perfect match.

    8. Use small paragraphs – Nobody wants to read an essay when they’re trying to find a date. Use small paragraphs and try not to use long-winded sentences. Dating is supposed to be fun, so keep it that way with light-hearted romance.

    9. Use spell-check and don’t use CAPS – there’s no excuse for poor spelling when online; use spell-check to make sure that everything is spelt correctly and makes sense to read. Try to avoid using CAPS for every word as it can make your profile look aggressive.

    10. Don’t appear desperate – Whatever you do, try not to come across as needy. You may not have had a date for 10years, and this may be your last resort, but nobody else wants or needs to know this information.

    Good luck and enjoy the benefits!

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