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Help with using hookupdatefree

Sharing your computer with others

Make sure other people cannot access your personal emails and obtain your login details to hookupdatefree. That is the only way your profile could be accessed by other people.

We highly recommend you follow these rules if you use a public computer:

  • You need to log out from our site (click "Logout") and any other accounts or mailboxes before leaving your workplace or public computer.
  • Use the "Incognito" mode (private browsing). While you are incognito, webpages that you open and files downloaded aren't recorded in your browsing and download histories. After you close all incognito windows you've opened, all new cookies are deleted. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to access the Incognito mode in browsers:

    Mozilla Firefox – Ctrl+Shift+P
    Opera – Ctrl+Shift+N
    Google Chrome – Ctrl+Shift+N

Remember that all your visiting history and account information is stored in browser's cookies. We recommend you remove all cookies after site browsing.

Should someone get access to your personal email, we suggest that you create another one and provide us with your new details. We will then change your registered email address for your hookupdatefree account and send your new password to the newly set up email address.