Are you a born flirt? For some people flirting comes naturally and they really don't need any flirt coaching. But for others, a little help looking at the techniques for flirting online really can make all the difference.

If you are not a born flirt then you may feel rather self conscious if you try actually flirting with a woman. But practise makes perfect and the more you flirt the more natural it will seem. What good flirting techniques should you try if you want to be a successful flirt?

. Flirt by Listening and responding to what the woman is saying. If you are flirting with a woman she will be flattered if she thinks that you are taking an interest in her stories. A flirt will pick up on seemingly minor comments that show he is really listening. Turn this to your advantage if you are flirting with a woman by focussing on the things where you can genuinely start a conversation.

. All flirts will ensure they find at least one aspect of a woman's physical appearance to flatter her about. Flirting with a woman is about making her feel good. You'll know you've got it right when your flirt results in a smile and she starts flirting back with you.

. A flirt will mirror some of her movements. It's an easy enough flirting technique although you might think it rather silly when you are flirting with a woman to flirt by folding your arms if she fold hers, touching your hair occasionally if she does that. But, psychologists have shown that it is one of the best flirting techniques.and is a flirting behaviour that happens naturally if the attraction between you is strong enough

If you are shy and you have been brought up not to flirt or make the first move you might think the idea of flirting with a man is totally impossible. But, remember that quite a lot of the times a man will think you are flirting with him when you are just acting naturally. Here are our three top tips for flirting with a man

. Flirt with him by making him feel that he is special. Find something about him that he is clearly proud of and tell him how important/special/clever that makes him. You will be flirting with his of the most important things if you are flirting with a man.

. Mirroring works for flirting with a man as well as flirting with a woman.although we don't advise sitting with your legs apart. If you are flirting with a man, try leaning back if he does so, sitting forward if he does so.without making it obvious.and you will soon be a top flirt.

. Flirt by using your eyes.the gateway to your soul! Making eye contact and holding it for just a fraction longer than you think is natural is a well known flirting technique, but if you are flirting with a man one that is critical.