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  • February 9, 2010
  • Advice

    Dating Advice

    How to write a successful online dating profile

    So you want improve your online dating profile? Well you've come to the right place. Let's call it a pit stop for online daters. We'll have your dating profile up to speed and ready for success in no time.

    A picture of success

    Let's kick things off with your profile picture. Upload one! Seriously if you haven't already, you really should put your picture up on your profile. While blind dates can be fun, that's not really what online dating is all about. The majority of online daters are likely to pay more attention to a profile if there is a picture on it and according to our latest poll, 53% of participants wouldn't even look at a profile without a picture. So don't miss out, get some of that attention for yourself and upload your picture now.

    Variety is the spice of life

    You can upload up to ten pictures on your Loopylove dating profile and we've found that our most popular daters have quite a range to look through. So get flicking through your photo albums and see what you can find. Remember to keep it varied. Try a hot shot on the beach, a sophisticated snap at a wedding or even some crazy Christmas pics. Your admirers wont be able to take their eyes off you once they get a glimpse of that personality of yours.

    Fill it all in

    Your profile is your first chance to make an impression. If yours is blank, it's not likely to get the messages rolling in now is it? It doesn't have to be War & Peace but get the main points down. You know how fabulous you are, we know how fabulous you are so let everyone else know too. Once you're done, it's worth cutting and pasting it into a programme (like MS Word) that has a spell-checker too. It takes two seconds and it might save you some blushes. Now go and let that cheeky sense of humour of yours loose on your profile. Don't just say you have a GSOH, prove it. Dazzle your admirers with your smooth romantic words. Or even reduce readers to tears of laughter with your cheesy chat up lines.

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