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Isn't it unfair? Girls have it so much easier when they're looking to meet a nice guy. The universe pulled us a really good prank with that, right guys?

We at Canada have solved that problem though. Here is a dating site with some amazing benefits, to make your dating and flirting life in Canada all that much easier.

First off, while men get free access to basic memberships, women and girls get free access to all levels of membership! Do some math: it means we've got a huge database of photo profiles, chockfull with fun, flirty, sexy Canadian girls, all looking to meet a guy (or girl!) like you!

As soon as you sign up, you get instant access to our member's area, and you can dig right in: Browse the many photo profiles, and find the guy or girl you want to get it on with!

And Then What? I Can't Date Someone by Email, Can I?

Exactly! That's why we built some features into our website that makes it ridiculously easy to turn online dating into real life dating in Canada!

We've got forums and blogs, but we've also got our own messaging system and if that's not awesome enough, we have our very own chat system, so as soon as you see someone you like, you just send them a fun flirty message, and if they're happy to hear from you, you can move straight into a private chat room, where things can get as steamy as you both feel comfortable with.

And that's pretty cool: You can actually get to know that person before you go out on a date. That makes your chances of having a real, fun, flirty and sexy date so much bigger!

Just try it for yourself. Guys get free basic access, women get access to all levels of membership, and if you're worried about you privacy, let me just say: Don't be. Spammers are jerks and we're not jerks, and we'd be stupid - which we're not! - if we would share your private info with others. So there's no risk, just tons of flirty Canadian singles, looking for a date.