Get Started!
  1. When you have found a member you would like to chat with, click the text chat button on their profile. You can even chat to people who are "offline". They will see your messages when they sign back into the site.

  2. You will then see the new chat software open and a chat window showing a photo of the user you have requested a chat with. You will also see member's photos in your contact list.

  3. You can now start chatting with this member instantly.

  4. You will see that both the chat software and the chat window are floating and so can be moved around the screen to wherever you want. This also means that you can continue to perform other actions on the site while you continue to chat.

  5. You can also dock (minimize) the chat window during chat by clicking the (^) symbol and then restore it again by clicking the same symbol.

  6. You can add your favourite members to your friends list. Just go to "Add Contact" and enter the username of any members you would like to add. You can also divide your friends into groups and drag and drop contacts from one group to another.

  7. You can also view your chat history with any other members. Just click on the chat history option in the Chat window or on the "H" icon that will appear when you hover over their name in your contact list.

  8. Have Fun! Try out the new chat feature now!